"Breaking & Entering"
Original Painting
by Joan Scheibel

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Image of "Breaking & Entering" <br>Original Painting  <br>by Joan Scheibel

"Breaking & Entering" - 2018
Original Painting

Artist: Joan Scheibel
Size: 34" x 34"
Medium: Acrylics & Graphite on Stretched Canvas

Joan is a contemporary abstract painter currently living and working in L.A.. Scheibel received a full scholarship from the prestigious Otis/Parson College of Art and Design and would later study Illustration at Platt College of Design.

A working illustrator in the Record industry, her career spanned every genre of music and she created the cover art for Meredith Brooks’ iconic song, I’m A Bitch, which would go on to be an International #1 single.

Joan has pursued a fine art career for nearly a decade. Her work quickly earned acknowledgement from collectors, peers and galleries throughout California, New Mexico and New York. We welcome Joan to her first "Crime on Canvas" showing with us...


Image of "Breaking & Entering" <br>Original Painting  <br>by Joan Scheibel